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We have our dad back....


To say that Kevin Morris Angelic Reiki Healing has transformed my mindset and wellbeing would be a huge understatement. The medication that ruined things for me and which I am no longer on and being declared in a clinical meeting this week that I did have a mis-diagnosis of bipolar are huge milestones....the best thing I heard though was the kids say last night....”We’ve got Dad back”....thanks Kevin and all who have helped me through this terrible time...I look forward to further sessions on my journey to a better life for me and others that I can help....yes I do believe in miracles... 



I had no idea what to expect so I went to my first reiki session completely open minded. Kevin put me at ease straight away with his warm, friendly personality and professional manner. My body felt really heavy and tingly throughout the session, it really was the strangest (but nicest) feeling. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed! I can't really explain how I felt afterwards, but I had the best night's sleep ever last night. Thanks Kevin!

A Feeling of Positivity


so glad I met this man! from the very first minute I met him, I felt the positivity from him and was just in awe of his presence! I've now had 2 sessions with kev and feel amazing when I'm leaving, and also in between sessions, my outlook and everything has changed! I love the feeling and contentness his sessions bring to me! such a lovely soul, thank you kev x

Distance Healing


I live in the east coast of USA and I had distant angelic reiki healing with Kevin,It was an awesome experience. I could feel the energy moving in my body during the session. At one point I could feel pulsation in my heart, Chest and on my head as if my heart was beating on my head! and and Kevin was kind and very professional and made me feel comfortable over the call before the session and nice of him to follow up on my symptoms afterwards through messages. I would recommend him for anyone for such session, and he answers your questions almost immediately, that’s a cool part! The appointment making part was easy and simple!! This was my first reiki healing experience! Definitely go Kevin!!! Thank you for your time!!!!

From a parents perspective


My 16-year-old son was showing signs of depression and has had to come home from school several times due to feeling so poorly...… It is now 5 hours after the healing and he reports that he feels elated, which is huge coming from a 16-year-old young man. I am very thankful for Kevin and his abilities and humbled that he took the time to help me and my family. Kevin is very gifted, and I feel in my heart that he is a wonderful man yearning to heal all who seek him out. He is so kind and giving. 

Wonderful Experience


My husband got a healing with Kevin and his team of angels recently. It was a wonderful experience for him as he had suffered pain and swelling from a serious chainsaw accident in 1990 where he almost lost his upper left limb. He has suffered with chronic pain and swelling ever since especially with any use of his arm or shoulder. I had originally booked the appointment for myself, but couldn't make the appointment so my husband took it instead. Kevin is such a warm caring person and his love for humanity truly shines through. He is a very old soul and our connection and that of my husband also goes way back. It was a wonderful experience and blessing to have the angels and Kevin work on my husband. I would recommend him and his team to anyone who has a genuine interest in moving away from pain to receive the healing because what my husband experienced was very real and lessened his pain significantly. Thank you team Kevin....you guys rock!!